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Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Robert Irvine and I am Head Professional at Douglas Park Golf Club. I arrived here in April 2009, having spent 6 years as Assistant Professional at Kilmacolm Golf Club where I completed my PGA Foundation Degree.

I graduated 2nd in the Titleist Assistant of the Year Awards from this degree in May 2009.

Prior to entering the PGA I also completed a BSc in Applied Sports Science at the University of Edinburgh, spending time looking at areas such as strength & conditioning, sports psychology, anatomy & physiology, skill acquisition & motor control and biomechanics.

My own experience of golf lessons as a player has been that the technical side of the game is often taught with little or no consideration for the physical limitations of the golfer’s anatomy or their ability to learn.  They are often very one sided in nature too in that there is very little discussion back and forth.  Experience has taught me that I get better results when considering each golfer as an individual rather than just comparing them to a “model” swing.  My teaching and custom fitting practices are therefore holistic and encourage the player to ask questions and we arrive at an agreed plan of action.

I still have a very keen interest in the sports science side of the performance and regularly attend seminars and conferences in these areas, which I believe allows me to guide you to fully informed decisions and practices, whether they pertain to equipment or your golf swing.

We work closely with our suppliers, and the TGI buying group, to provide you with the most up to date products at the most competitive prices.  We utilise these links to also bring you promotions and demo days so keep visiting to find out what’s coming up in the future.

Also on this site you will find information on all the latest equipment, as well as coaching tips and videos and updates on what is going on here at Douglas Park.

The success of my business is built on me offering you the products and services which you want so if there is anything you would like to see us offer then please just ask!


Happy Golfing!


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